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Ice Cube Chewers, Unite!


1/22/10 10:13 am - hafifi - I have the same problem too

Hi guys,

First of all I wanted to make declaration that I am an Ice Munching addict myself...Especially in the time of the stress period of my life especially I am teaching and doing my study at the same time..

An now, I am a trainee therapist as I am undertaking my master in Counselling Psychology and my last assignment I have to do a behvioural, cognitive or emotional change on MYSELF for my final essay.  Hahaha, its time to work for my ice munching addiction , its seem...

I am working in one type of therapy, which called Cognitive,Behavioural Therapy (CBT). CBT believe that when a human faces with a situation, he or she will develop some thoughts, which will causes some emotions and behavioral outcomes of that person. 

From CBT theory I learn that perhaps ; those stressful situation would trigger some negative thoughts, which might triggers and negative emotion that I could'nt cope, thats lead me towards this habbit of ice chomping. I might use this ice chomping behaviour to stop those ugly feeling and thoughts from surfacing..By doing this thing, my system get distracted , then they concentrate how good we feel good  of doing that action and that action seem to release those strain or unwanted feeling and action of us..Well the a theorithical thingie that I rationalize, however, I do not know whether its going to help me or not, until my personal experiment is completed.. However, i know the stess of going through this final assingment will lead  more towards ice chomping ...lol..Yum yum yum...Well, if you guys, are intrested, I will keep all of you updated..

The funny things is I am arouse the word ICE, talking about ice, see the visual of ice or hearing the sound the glass sliding of the ice maker, or even someone metionaing the word of ice, then my front tooth with start clap together.  It is good to understand your behaviour of how ice stimulus can be affecting you..

However, I also found out that there is relation between ice chomping and Amnesia.My father have that, perhaps i should go get the  medical check up too perhaps..Everyone could do that , just to safe guard ourselves perhaps..

4/29/06 07:01 am - truevampiricntt - Squishy ice?

So. Do you ever get yourself a glass of ice water, and when you get down to the bottom and start chewing on the ice?

Well. That's a silly question. I'm sure everyone here does.

But. What I'm getting at is. Do you ever get one of those cubes that you bite into, and it doesn't crunch, or crack, or anything like that, but squishes down and makes a weird squeaky noise against your teeth? Maybe it's just the shape of the ice that comes out of my ice maker, but I find I get cubes like this frequently. Am I alone here?

2/10/06 06:54 pm - kinky_kateh

Right decided to join this community due to the fact i love eating ice :D Ice rocks. I'm not alone in my quest for ice :D


12/1/05 09:51 pm - deja_vu_007 - *Dead*

Well here's the thing, I recently got two teeth pulled. So i'm pretty much going insaine without any ice!! >_<
I'm also getting braces on the 12th so i wont be able to have ice period.... I'm going to die!!! So yeah I just felt like sharing.....

11/27/05 03:59 pm - savingmysmiles

Hello, I'm new here. This community is a stroke of genius, seriously. The odd thing is that, although I know what the perfect cube of ice is for me, I don't really know how to describe it. It's somewhere between utter mush and jaw-breaking solidness. You can crunch into it easily, and it's just so satisfying. The smooth ice cubes with the holes in the middle are a close second though. For a while, my grandmother's automatic ice machine would make hollow cubes. Those were the best!!! I would suck on them until they would just kind of cave in.

Anyway, I have been an ice chewer all of my life. I never really thought of it as wierd because my family, and now my husband, doesn't seem to mind. Then again, there are always a few who just cannot stand our kind, sadly enough. I was starting to get to know someone in my class better a few months ago, and then she dropped the bomb on me: she can't stand the sound of crunching ice. It was that moment when I knew we could never truly be friends, and spent the rest of that class trying desperately to chew my ice silently.

I hope this community gains membership. What an awesome idea.

11/21/05 09:19 pm - deja_vu_007 - Yess!!

Oh man I just had to join this community! I have a horrable addiction to eatting ice and everyone around me hates it. So I just fell head over heals when I found thins community!! Haha! yay ice chewing!! *jumps around*

11/2/05 07:32 pm - rondata - I got my favorite bag of ice today

Man.. I am going to go through the whole thin before the night is over..

Does anyone here get blisters from eating too much ice?

I do..

10/13/05 10:05 pm - rondata - OMG! a journal for me!

I can't stop... I hide to chew it! HELP!

9/28/05 04:15 am - combathamster

I had to join this community, because I never realised I wasn't alone in my ice cube-chewing. Whenever I have a drink with ice, I always have to chew it up afterward. I mean, c'mon, it's a waste otherwise! Whenever I'm out with my family, and I perform my usual chewing ritual, I always get asked what on earth I'm doing. I always viewed it as some weird little compulsion of mine, but now I realise I'm not alone!

My favourite ice cubes are the roundish kind, that are kind of hollow in the middle that you often get in pubs, but the penguin ones in the last post look awfully tempting. Shall have to investigate oddly-shaped ice cube trays. I used to have an ice lolly-maker as a child, and used to put orange juice in it. It never worked properly though.

I'm going to advertise this community to my close friends in the hope of getting more recruits. Maybe one day we cube-chewers will be the majority..

9/18/05 06:19 pm - kiwisandlimes

I managed to take a photo of my ice cube tray! (Finally.)
I have two photos, one of the tray itself, and another close up of one penguin. Undoubtedly, it's bad camera work... but have a look see anyway. xD I apologise, in advance, for the huge size of my photos...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And now the close up (sorry, it's blurry):

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

They really are my favourite shape of ice cube. Years of good use has come from this tray. <3
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